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Basketball Betting For Canada - NBA Bonus & Player Betting Interaction

Basketball betting is very popular in Canada and it has come along way since the game was first developed back in the late 1800's. The original game used a peach basket and a soccer ball which was then retrieved manually whenever a team scored. Today basketball is fast paced, action filled game. It is a very popular sport in North American and in many countries around the world. This is great for Canadian gamblers because there is always a match on that you can wager on. A number of sportsbetting sites also offer live streaming of the international league matches and great NBA basketball betting bonus offers.

Basketball Betting Rules
Whether it's NBA basketball betting or placing wagers on the Toronto Raptors, there are some rules that you will need to follow. If handicaps are given as whole point values, as opposed to half, and the score lands on the exact number, you wager will be voided and your bet refunded. Overtime in matches generally counts for all games unless otherwise specified. Match abandonment can happen but these are very rare. It is important to read all the wagering rules before betting on any games so you know exactly what you can and can't do. A good sports betting website will provide you with all the information you need on placing wagers, using strategies, payout odds, and more. On top of this, you can also get a free bet and/or bonus when you sign up as a new player. Be sure to check out our fantastic basketball betting bonus offers.

Try Using a Wagering Strategy
Having a strategy in place is an excellent idea and not just for betting on basketball. You can use a strategy to help increase your chances of winning in any sport. In order to have a winning strategy you will need to do your research. For basketball, it is important to watch and study as many games as you can. You will need to keep up-to-date with what is happening and this means reading the news and checking out the player stats. You also want to look at past trends so you can almost anticipate what way a championship or tournament will go for the team you are backing. Don't just go with your gut, unless of course you want to lose your hard earned cash. There will always be high scoring matches and while you might thing that teams often win by massive margins, this isn't the case. If you've done your homework and recorded all the information you will have a great betting strategy to work with. A couple of pointers to note, it can often prove fruitful to go with the underdog if you know what you're doing and you can often get good value by using quarter bets.

Football Betting For Canada - NFL Bonus & Player Betting Interaction

Every sport you can think of has its own set of fans and followers. This includes the NFL in American and football betting especially NFL football betting has become very popular in Canada. There are lots of tips and strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning big and we have all the information for Canadian football fans here on our page. Below you will find information on the different ways to bet on football.

Different Ways To Bet On Football For Canadian Gamblers
There are lots of different ways to bet on both the NFL and the CFL and below you will find information on the most popular options.

The Handicap Line:
This is probably the most popular bet that you can place on football. This wager gives those without inside knowledge or experience a better chance at winning by offering them a "handicap". For example, if the Indianapolis Colts are up against the New York Giants, a book maker will note that the Colts are the weaker team. They will be given a -6 1.909, while the Giants will be given a +6 2.020. What this means is that if the Colts were to win by six or more points, anyone who placed a bet on Indianapolis would win.

The Money Line:
With this wager there are three outcomes that are considered. These are a win, loss, or a tie. The outcomes that gamblers don't want is a draw because American Football doesn't accept an unresolved draw. Matches will always continue on into overtime and if a "tie" is an option, it is likely to be settled at the end of the quarter, regardless of overtime played.

Totals Betting:
Totals betting is also known as Over Under. This is where the focus is placed on the points scored by both teams. A book maker will set a number of points that they think each team will score throughout the match. This will also include overtime. Gamblers will then place bets on the total combined points to come out either over or under the total that has been set by the bookmaker.

Live Betting Action At Sportsbooks For Canada

Online sportsbooks have been around for quite a number of years now and they are always looking at offering new and exciting features so that they remain relevant. The online gambling industry is booming and this is why live betting on sports has become so popular. A sportsbook with live betting action always gets more traffic than their competitors. At these sites players can enjoy a practice that is still relatively new, but always looked for by Canadian gamblers.

Live Betting Explained

Live betting is exactly what it sounds like. The sportsbooks that offers this product continuously update the betting lines according to the action that is happening and this way, they provide unique and exciting possibilities for gambling enthusiasts.
When you visit a live sports betting website, you will see that this product is separate and usually has its own page. When you visit this page you will be able to place wagers on events that are currently taking place as well as look at the events schedule for upcoming games. For example, if you are watching the Super Bowl and Team A is up by a touchdown, the live betting site might allow you to place a bet on whether Team B will get a touchdown before Team A scores again. This adds to the excitement of the game and this activity is what makes live betting so popular. It is also why it is quickly becoming one of the most popular gambling activities in Canada.

Live Betting Bonus at Sports Interaction

It doesn't matter what sports you prefer because top sportsbetting sites will offer NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and even games like rugby. You will be able to place bets live at sites such as Sports Interaction Casino who are the preferred choice for Canadians. There are so many options available when you choose live betting which makes it so easy to choose the ones that excite you the most. The action is live, the betting options change all the time, and this means more action for you whenever you want it. What's more, if you haven't already got an account with the sportsbook they will give you a special sign up bonus that is usually a free bet to get you started. With your free wager you can get in on all the live betting action and hopefully win some real cash too.

Legal Online Casinos in Canada

There are a large number of Canadian online casinos and this number continues to grow. When it comes to gambling law in Canada, we have all the information you need including the best legal online casinos in Canada so you don't have to worry about getting on the wrong side of the law. This page also includes information on the best bonuses, games, and deposit options for Canadian players.
The best legal casinos online will provide you with a fun experience that is 100% safe, secure, and licensed. All the sites we list comply with our strict criteria and this page is constantly updated to include the most current information on Canadian gambling laws and bills such as the c-290 which if passed will allow for wagering on single sporting events. Read the rest of this page for more casino interaction and comments about your experience with provincial gambling sites.

Choosing a Legal Online Casino in Canada

We know that when it comes to online gambling you want the very best. We understand that you don't want to waste your time or money at sites that don't offer what you need. Our review team examines all the casinos to ensure that they meet our criteria. This includes looking at welcome bonuses, tournaments, payout percentages, RNG audits, game variety, software, and customer support. We want to insure that you have fun and that the site you choose to play at offers more casino interaction, excellent graphics and suits your playing needs whether that be mobile gaming, instant play no download casinos, or full download options.
Legally Licensed Provincial Online Casinos in Canada

There are a number of provincially run online casinos in Canada, but only available to residents in these provinces. Legal online gambling in Canada is somewhat of a grey area and this complicated subject matter involves the federal and provincial governments who regulate and operate casinos in different regions. In 1969 the laws in Canada were changed and online gambling was legalized with provincial governments granted authority over whether or not to allow gambling in their provinces. In 1985 this law was amended to include computerized video games of chance.
There are some official provincial casino websites that players can avail of. British Columbia operates PlayNow where you will find a selection of casino games, bingo, lottery, sports betting, and online poker. Quebec is home to online casino Espacejeux and Ontario operates PlayOLG. Each of these legal online casinos offer a different selection of games and gambling choices and if you want to enjoy anything that they have to offer you must reside in that province. Some of the provincial sites don't offer welcome bonuses and the number of games you can choose from are limited. You won't find big brand software names like Microgaming or NetEnt and there are no progressive jackpots. Add to this that you must be resident in the province and they can be a big let-down. There is very little competition especially with poker and table games and we found that interaction with other players was very low. There are the reasons that most Canadians still choose to play at international casinos. It is lawful to play at these sites and they offer bigger bonuses and better game selections.

Online Sports Betting In Canada

Online sports betting in Canada is legal and has been for many years. There is a slight downside to what is on offer that and that is residents are only allowed to make parlay bets. This means that they can only wager on the outcome of three or more sporting events. This makes the odds of winning much lower. Canadian can however participate in legal online sports betting using international sportsbetting sites where they can wager on single sporting events and enjoy a more attractive product.
The Bill C290 was introduced to Parliament in 2011 in a bid to allow wagering on single sporting events. Passing this bill will amend the Criminal Code but this has not happened. The bill was passed in the House of Commons but was held up in the Senate since 2012. We are still waiting on the outcome.
Finding the Best Legal Online Casinos in Canada
Now that you have all the information you need on legal gambling in Canada the next step is to find the best site for you to play at. There are lots of sites to choose from and some great bonuses to avail of too. We recommend that you take a look at the casino reviews on our site, check out the bonuses and games being offered and choose the site that will suit your budget and game choice best.